BMW 745i Motronic Chip Upgrades - User's Comments

Do you have our or "Tuoma Perfection" chip upgrade and want to give your comments on what you think about it and how it works in your car? Send us an email at Chip Upgrade Comments .

Tens of our 745 chip upgrades have already been installed all over the world. Here's some of the countries:
Finland, USA, England, Germany, Peru, Iceland, Tseck, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Switcherland, Netherlands, Australia, France.

"The chip upgrade is working perfectly, the car is very powerful, although with the original waste gate I was only able to raise the turbo pressure to 0.83 bar. I'm looking forward to buy a new waste gate and have it modified by the people of Also the largest car magazine in Peru made an interview of my car because is the only one in the country and is in perfect shape, and in the interview you are going to be mentioned because of the modification, so you will be famous here."

Fernando Riccio - Peru , May-2002

Jarmo's notes: John Stein's User Report from Sept-2000 after he had installed the "Tuoma Perfection" Upgrade Kit. In that kit I used the same Motronic chip upgrade as today. The waste gate modification is not anymore available, but 745i Team has now very similar waste gate design. Read full report here.

John Stein - USA , September-2000

Message Title: 745 Team Chip- WOW!

Have the new chip from 745 Team and man what a difference! Smooth Power and lots of it. I have the boost screw all the way out (least boost) until I have the FMU installed and can set it up properly. Even at this low level the power is awesome, at light throttle application when it gets close to 2500 RPM, you had better be scoping out the traffic ahead of you to find a place to squeeze through cause you are going to be there in a heartbeat!! Can't imagine what it will be like when it is all set up. If you don't want to spend all the money for the extras, just going with this chip should provide plenty of grins. I tried a different chip last year, in my opinion no comparison.

Clif -USA , May-2002

Fitted the new chip on friday 12th, july,2002. jon from team 745i sent it via airmail, and its working perfectly. pulled the wastegate hose and the boost  shgaugeowed 13 pounds of boost. WOW!!!. have to get the cartech fmu next to keep the fuel up to the motor, which will make the car go harder still. what an incredible difference. i'm still smiling!!

Clifton Doehmann - Australia, July-2002

Hi Jarmo, thanks for the chip. I have install the chip last weekend, and I feel great. My E28 is now faster than a M3 E36 from my friend! Now I have the fastest E28 in Munich!

Nikos - Germany, December-2002

 Title : Jarmo is such an awesome guy ...

Guys I just had to write about this ... Just got my 4 gauge cluster from him, It's even nicer than the pics, Digi-cam doesn't give justice to these beautifully done pieces of art ... And last but not least, he's damn fast ! In three days I had it in my box ... Wow .. !!!

Afshin - Schwitzerland, January-2003
1982 745i (5-Speed)

Hallo Jarmo,
Der Chip arbeitet sehr gut. Ich bin mit der Leistung völlig zufrieden, und bin überrascht, wie gut der Motor läuft.
Grüsse aus Deutschland.
A.Schreck - Germany, 15.02.03

I have received and installed the chip, valve and instrument cluster.
Astounding !!!!!!!

Klaus- Norway, August-2003

Just a note to say how amazed I was after adding the mod chip into my 745 motronic unit. It wasn't until I replaced the automatic transmission with a rebuilt one, that I realized the potential for this car.

  No other brand of automobile has stood a chance to beat the speed and power available with just the chip upgrade and wastegate disconnected. It is so fun to just leave the others behind, almost standing still.

Vernon Okbaok - California, USA, October-2003

Hi Jarmo, How are You ? I have really pleasure with my 745 with Your chip upgrade.

Aigars, Latvia , July-2005

Hi Jarmo,   So I tested it, it is very great!!

Feri, Hungary , August-2006

Thanks for the chip!!
I was like a child on Christmas when it arrived very happy works very well. It came really fast to me when you hade sent it.....

Robin, Sweden , February-2007

Hi Jarmo.
It is working great with the new chip. What a rocket! Too bad the winter is coming to Denmark . Anyway thanks again for everything.   

Jesper, Denmark, November-2007

Hey Jarmo!
Sorry I'm late to give you feedback The chip arrived the following Saturday after you sent it, and I installed the following Monday....... And I must say:::::That was the day I became the astronaut I've always been dreaming of as a kid. Thank You for your help and kindness;;;I'm off to the horizon, mostly sideways.......  

Martin, Denmark, December-2007