Our BMW 745i Executive-85

In November-2000 we purchased another 745, which will be the next reference design. The car is 1985 Executive model with only 138.000 km (86.000 miles) in the meter. It was in excellent condition with all the extras available from BMW at that time. According to the original factory invoice the total price was DM 104.727 in Jan-85. We bought it from the original owner, who had kept it in the garage for the past 5 years.

We will restore it to original condition and install most of the upgrades including the Turbo Upgrade, Instrument Cluster with turbo pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure and oil temperature instruments, high performance front and rear brake disks and 2*2.5 inch exhaust system. Halmeter AFR30 O2 sensor/mixture monitor and Cartech fuel pressure regulator will also be installed as recommended by John Stein in his user report.

Our goal is to reach something between steps 2 and 3 as described in our 3.4L reference design. The power goal is 500 BHP.

You will see the progress of this work in these web pages.

From Nov-2000 till May-2002 the car was in Spain, where we did the basic checkup to the car. As it had been storaged for the past 5 years many hoses and other parts had to be replaced due to lack of use. In general, the body is in very good condition without any major wear or rust.

Summary of the restoration work done in Spain:

The car is now in Finland, where we continue the work. You may be interested in Trip Report Malaga-Helsinki 3.5.2002-8.5.2002