I started to go through the whole car about 8-9 years ago. Unfortunately there was almost complete stand still for
about 6 years due to some medical problems. After full recovery I started the work again in 2010 and expect to
have the car on the road next spring in 2013. During the work process I have taken over 1000 pictures of most of
the areas during work stages.
The basic idea of the work has been to make everything as new or better than new. E.g. most of the engine parts
have been washed, polished, painted with primer 2-3 layers, painted again with color varnish 2-3 layers and finished
with 2-3 layers of clear varnish. Most of the bolts, nut, screws, tubes, bracket and clamps are new.

I believe those pictures could benefit also other 745 owners so I plan to publish most of the pictures with some
explinations in my new web pages some time during the coming winter.
There is still a lot to be done. Below are some sample pictures of mainly finished work.