BMW 745i Trip Report: Malaga - Helsinki

Hi Everybody,
I drove our 745 from Spain to Finland. You may find this trip report useful when e.g. comparing with other cars.

Dates: Start 3.5.2002 in the evening; End 8.5.2002 in the morning (incl. 16 hour ferry trip from Stockholm to Helsinki).
Total driving distance 4319 km ( 2684 miles)
Car: BMW 745i Executive -85, 138.000 km, with my chip upgrade and adjustable waste gate upgrade. Only me in the car, but it was fully loaded from trunk to front seat with luggage.
Typical cruising speeds 120-170 km/h in dry conditions
Typical cruising speeds 80-130 km/h in wet conditions (almost half of the total time!)
Total driving time 45 hours This includes everything, when the engine was on. E.g. 1.5 hours in Madrid city, 1 hour in Barcelona city, 300 km small roads in Swiss Alps, 1.5 hours in traffic jams in German Autobahns due to accidents, 3 hours in Stockholm city, etc...
Average speed 95.5 km/h (59.3 mph) for the 45 hours.
Average fuel consumption 10.8 l/100 km (21.7 mpg).
Motor oil consumption 1.2 l.
Tranny oli consumption NIL
Coolant consumption 2-3 l.

Madrid to Zaragosa (330 km) goes quite high up in the mountain area. The side wind during that trip was in storm range. Passing lorries at 130 km/h was a bit tricky. Once due to road construction there was a 90 degree turn (rear wind). When I reduced the speed to 80 km/h and took my foot off the gas pedal the speed did not reduce at all!

Tyres were Nokian Hakkapeliitta 215/55 R 16 M+S all weather. Far from ideal for this kind of trip, but originally I had planned to do this trip in March, when these tyres would have been required in Finland. Anyway, I decided to take those to Finland for use in there. Therefore I could not use very high cruising speeds, but did some shorter +200 km/h periods.
Yesterday while doing inspection of the whole car I found a fair amount of melted rubber in the mudguards, but the tyres still looked OK!

No one was able to match my passing acceleration from 120 upto 180 km/h during the trip.