Related Products

Here is a list of different tuning components that can be implemented into a 745i. If you do it all, you have the ultimate super limousine.

Some of these components are/will be made by us; some we offer for sale in cooperation with other manufacturers and in some cases we give you the necessary information how to buy those from other sources.

Quite useful link for general purpose related products is Intake Upgrades, which gives very good summary of different types of upgrades eventhough some of their references are for Probe cars. Their summary (short and quite to the point) covers following areas: * Air Ram/Cold Air Intake * Boost Controller * Bypass/Blow-Off valves * Cone Air Filters * High-Flow Air Filter * Intake Manifold thermal Insulators * Intake Superchargers * Intercooler piping * J-Spec Intake Manifold * Nitrous Oxide * Supercharger * Throttle Body * Turbocharger * Turbocharger Upgrades * Twin Turbo *