Some of the files are still in MS Word or some other formats. All will be converted to Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Also, some files may still show "Tuoma Perfection" name, even though the company does not exist anymore. The name will be removed at the rate we update the files.

1. Installation Instruction  
Waste Gate Modification Upgrade_instructions152.PDF
Waste Gate User Manual ver_203.PDF
EPROM Installation EPROM Installation.doc
Copper Gasket Installation Modified gasket installation instructions.doc
2. Schematic Diagrams  
Motronic -> Engine - Schematic Diagram engine2.jpg
Motronic -> Engine - Text (German) enginetxt.jpg
Motronic -> Transmission - Schematic Diagram transmission_diagram.jpg
Motronic -> Transmission - Text (German) transmission_text.jpg
3. Motronic Wire Harness  Engine wire harness overview
   Detailed description of all Motronic To Engine connections
4. Knock Sensor Box  
Simplified schematic diagram of knock signal chain ksdiagram.jpg
CA3080 Datasheet ca3080.pdf
LM2902N Datasheet lm2902n datasheet.pdf
Binary code for the Intel 8435 Microprocessor knock.BIN
5. Other  
Conversion program